Ella is another mamma with an amazing disposition.  She is out of stocky English show lines and is the most blocky female in our breeding program.  Ella is very mellow and easy going.  She loves to play and explore.  Ella also LOVES the water and passes these traits down to her babies. 


Gretchen is another one of our wonderful breeding females.  She is the daughter of Ella and Hondo.  We have been so happy with this bloodline we kept one for ourselves.  Gretchen is very easy to train, super friendly,  great with children and other animals,  and loves to fetch.  


Ranger is our youngest stud that fathers some of our litters.  He is very mellow and has a very easy going personality.  He is out of high quality show lines.  He is a blocky English bred Lab that is almost white.  He passes his calm demeanor and light color onto many of his puppies.  


Owned and hunted by Mike and Debbie Rash with Performance Labs in Don Pedro, Ca.

Louie is an amazing hunting partner who passes  drive and train ability down to his puppies.  He is a total love with lots of hunting drive for the avid bird hunter.  We do not own Louie but use him as a stud for our breeding program.  If you are interested in using Louie as a stud for your female or are interested in any of his offspring that are not offered here please contact Mike Rash at Performance Labs on Facebook.  They are good friends of ours and have excellent quality Labs.  


Fiona is a very sweet, and beautiful lab.  She has an extremely calm yet silly demeanor.  She is currently in training to be a service dog and is doing amazing!!  She is extremely easy to train and is very praise driven.  Her whole world revolves around making her person happy.  She is a light yellow color and is the daughter of Reata/Ranger.  Fiona is EMBARK tested and is CLEAR for over 160 genetic conditions.  She will become one of our breeding dogs once she is of age and passes her OFA tests on hips/elbows. 



Timber has the most wonderful disposition!  He absolutely LOVES the water and to fetch a ball.  He is a beautiful boy that has a strong athletic build and handsome English head.  As you can tell by the photo not only does he love  toys but he adores his BOYS!!! Timber will be OFA certified in the near future as he is almost old enough for his testing.  He has been EMBARK tested and we can't wait to see some of his babies soon!! Timber is the son of Hondo/Ella

Kate is an extremely intelligent dog that has TONS of drive!  She is 3/4 English and 1/4 American in her pedigree but favors the American in her conformation.  She is not quite a year old so she will be entering our program in another year.  She is EMBARK tested.  She has an incredible hunting pedigree on both sides so her puppies will excel in the blind.  Kate's drive is balanced by a willingness to please you.  Her intelligence makes her very trainable and she loves to do anything you ask of her.  She is currently being trained for dock diving and we hope to compete with her soon! Kate is the daughter of Louie/Annibelle


Josie is a sweet girl who absolutely loves children.  She is a lighter yellow color with a super soft coat.  Josie is a more reserved girl and will often watch the other dogs before joining in the fun.  She is the daughter of Annibelle/Ranger.  Josie inherited her mothers brains making her super smart, and her daddy's calm and reserved personality.  Her best friend is Gretchen and they love to wrestle.  Josie may be calm but dont let her fool you she loves to chase toys and she can play all day! She will be entering our breeding program soon! Josie has been EMBARK tested!